Personal Trainer in Adelaide

Personal training is a great way to start an exercise program and learn the basic techniques required to then apply them on your own at home or the gym, or you can continue with your trainer for maintenance depending on your situation and needs.

Quite possibly the most important part of any training program is nutrition. With over 20 years experience in and around the gym, here are some simple nutrition and exercise tips to follow to ensure you succeed:

  • Learn what to eat – Learn the right foods to eat that will get your metabolism going
  • Learn how much to eat – By following a nutrition plan customised to you
  • Add exercise to your plan – This is where personal training or any form of exercise that get you burning calories comes in to help balance out the excess food and drink we all consume
  • STICK TO YOUR PLAN – This is the most important component as you can hire the most expensive trainer, with the most qualifications, and still not get the results you desire simply because you didn’t follow through.

Give yourself the best chance of success and call an Adelaide personal trainer with the experience and knowledge to help find what works best for you.

For more information call Clayton on 0411230575 or via email

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2 comments on “Personal Trainer in Adelaide
  1. Bill Yeager says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who realizes the benefits of a trainer, whether it’s private or in a a pair or small group. I’m a personal trainer in CT (USA) and work with others everyday who are trying to reach specific goals, but always had trouble getting there before. Advise doesn’t get any better than yours when you say sticking to the routine is key. I get that it’s easy to get bored when you don’t see results, or have a bad week, but keep on track and you’ll get there! This isn’t an overnight solution, people! Thanks for such great advise, now I can direct my clients to this article too! Please feel free to visit our website, we’re always happy to diversify overseas! Keep up the great work!

  2. Cool Blog. My wife and I are Personal Trainer in Brighton. Check out Sherrys blog.

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