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Personal training is a great way to start an exercise program and learn the basic techniques required to then apply them on your own at home or the gym, or you can continue with your trainer for maintenance depending on your situation and needs.

Quite possibly the most important part of any training program is nutrition. With over 20 years experience in and around the gym, here are some simple nutrition and exercise tips to follow to ensure you succeed:

  • Learn what to eat – Learn the right foods to eat that will get your metabolism going
  • Learn how much to eat – By following a nutrition plan customised to you
  • Add exercise to your plan – This is where personal training or any form of exercise that get you burning calories comes in to help balance out the excess food and drink we all consume
  • STICK TO YOUR PLAN – This is the most important component as you can hire the most expensive trainer, with the most qualifications, and still not get the results you desire simply because you didn’t follow through.

Give yourself the best chance of success and call an Adelaide personal trainer with the experience and knowledge to help find what works best for you.

For more information call Clayton on 0411230575 or via email

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Meal Timing And Eating Late At Night

Matt O’Neill from Metabolic Jumpstart has just posted a fantastic article and essential reading titled: “When is the latest time I should make my last meal?”

This would have to be one of the most popular questions that many of my Adelaide personal training clients ask, and this is a great way to explain it. You can read the full article by clicking on the link below:

Q: When is the latest time I should make my last meal?

For more information on Matt’s Metabolic Jumpstart Program please leave me a comment or contact via email. If you need a personal trainer in Adelaide that offers a complete nutritional package as part of your personal training program, call Clayton on 0411230575.

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Space Vitamins

Just made a cool post on Space Vitamins which is a super premium multivitamin, proudly Australian made and owned, and one of only 2 supplements that are recommened by Matt O’Neill and Metabolic Jumpstart for general nutrition.

I personally do not take ANYTHING other than a multivitamin and flaxseed oil and as long as you eat well, there is absolutely no need to take anything else. No diet or weight loss pills, no shakes, and no meal replacements. No personal trainers should be promoting this stuff and you really need to ask yourself why if they are. Actually, you should ask yourself why you are wasting your money!

Space Vitamins features vitamin ingredients that are extracted from natural sources and absorbed much more readily than synthetic vitamins used by many of the leading brands.

Why should I take a multivitamin?

Even the healthiest of diets can be lacking and when we exercise, the body needs more essential vitamins and minerals and Space Men’s or Women’s multi can help to restore depleted levels.

Special offer from Space

Use the coupon code ‘adelaidept‘ to when you visit to “Buy 1 Get 1 Free”.


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Metabolic Jumpstart by Matt O’Neill

Metabolic Jumpstart is a complete nutritional program created by Matt O’Neill, one of Australia’s leading dietitians and a regular guest on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Morning Show programs.

Metabolic Jumpstart is a 4 week program made up of nutrient rich, all natural foods that is completely customised to your personal profile. As an official partner of the program I believe it is the most comprehensive food and diet plan available in Australia.

At $79.95 it is extremely cost effective and easily affordable. The programs contains a complete diet plan to follow, motivation pack mailed to you, access to the Metabolic Jumpstart website and Matt’s team of dietitians to answer all of your questions online, recipes, videos and much more.

For more information, visit and register online to get started, and be sure to mention “Adelaide Personal Trainers” when completing the registration.

Here is a short video below from Matt’s Metabolic Jumpstart TV YouTube Channel where you will find many more videos explaining how the program works. You can also leave your comments and questions below if you are not sure how to get started or just need more information.

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Why Do You Use A Personal Trainer?

There are many reasons why people choose to have personal trainers and while some of these are very common, there are many clients who have their own reasons for not going it alone.

The more common ones are:

  • Lack of exercise experience
  • Need help with technique and motivation
  • Tips on nutrition and weight loss
  • Creates a schedule and discipline
  • Feel uncomfortable in crowded gyms and would prefer to train in a more private personal training studio

Some other reasons that are not as obvious:

  • Would rather work out with a trainer and not need a gym membership
  • The expense of having a trainer is not an issue
  • It’s similar to training with a partner
  • Access to expert advice on nutrition and a network of professional related health and fitness services

If you have your own reasons that we have missed, visit our Adelaide Personal Trainers HubPage here and add your own reasons for having a personal trainer. If you are in Adelaide and looking for experienced personal trainers call 08 8378 1379.

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Adelaide Personal Trainer on Google Maps

Adelaide Personal Trainer can be found on Google Maps to help you locate a personal trainer in the Stepney and surrounding areas including Norwood, Burnside, Marden, North Adelaide, Kent Town, St Peters, Adelaide CBD and more.

View our Google Map for more information on personal training in Adelaide.

Special Personal Training Offer

Through to the end of March there is an offer of 10% off your initial consultation, but for anyone who finds our Google listing will be entitled to 20% off, just be sure to mention this post when you call or email and don’t forget to print out the personal training coupon.

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Personal Trainer Stepney

Personal Trainer in Stepney available for 1-on-1 or 2-on-1 personal training in a private studio 5 minutes from the CBD. Personal training involves a combination of body weight exercises, resistance training, cardio with weights and traditional cardio, boxing and kickboxing, and as much movement as possible within the personal training session. A complete nutritional package is also available from one of Australia’s leading dietitians.

You can choose from 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions depending on your availability and personal preferences. Check out theĀ  Locations page for directions to the personal training studio.

Contact Clayton on 0411230575 for more information and to arrange an initial consultation.

Hope to hear from you soon and help you achieve your fitness, health and lifestyle goals in 2010.

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