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10 Reasons To Hire A Personal Trainer

Just a quick link to an existing page on the site that gives those that are maybe contemplating or are unsure of whether or not hiring a personal trainer is for them, a good checklist of where to begin. This

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The Aerobic Conspiracy

Read this excellent article today by Phil Stevens titled “The Aerobic Conspiracy”, which shows just how badly out of proportion the whole cardio vs weight/resistance training argument really is. In reality, if you could only choose one, and no doubt

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A Personal Trainers Quick And Easy Protein Snack

Have been doing this for the last couple of weeks as it saves a heap of time and you always have a handy source of one of the best sources of protein available and at a very small expense. What

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Personal Training Blog

For workout tips, some simple advice on nutrition and workouts that you can do at the gym or at home, visit my personal training blog which I keep for my personal training clients. They are able to access this information

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Adelaide Personal Trainer

If you are in the Adelaide area and looking for a personal trainer you are more than welcome to contact me to arrange a consultation at a private personal training studio just 5 minutes from the Adelaide CBD. Facilities and

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